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A GoPro video showing my point of view and how at the Big Cat Sanctuary, as part of Wildlife Heritage Foundation, train their cheetahs for vaccinations. There is no wall between the cheetah and I. There were two trained keepers in the room as well as 4 people (including myself) who had paid for experiences. THIS IS NOT A ZOO. It is a sanctuary for big and small cats that needed re-homing or are under threat to extinction and are part of a breeding programme. You have to book to go to this sanctuary. You may not get the same experience as I did so don’t want to let people down. IMPORTANT: This is NOT their ‘enclosure’ this is just a small room they use to put them in for check ups, when they clean out the enclosures, when the weather is bad etc. Very safe, very well looked after and loved cats. Amazing experience would highly recommend.

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