Tsar & Amon. Rag doll cats hunt cockatoo feather

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Tsar (the brown one) is more alert and intense, he is virtually a vegetarian, at his own wish. He loves to interact with the game and anticipates precisely when it is about to be played, He stalks and is super quick at the pounce. Tsar talks to you on both levels ~ by cat words and telepathically, he once told me excitedly that their was a snake in the house.
Amon (the white one) is a meat eater. He acts uninterested and needs a lot more coercing (feather tickling) to become involved. He is never intense however, out of the blue surprisingly fast, he is such a laugh!
Amon loves cardboard boxes (being inside then with lid closed). This is his ideal hunting ground from where his white paw like a flash pounces out of holes and cracks at noises and movements on the outside like a finger moving past.


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