Twirl – Warrior Cats BEGINNER’S MAP [OPEN – 39/45 TAKEN]

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[Song: Twirl by Craft Spells]
[The art in the video is all official, by Wayne McCloughlin]

Hi everyone! For my very last contribution to the Warriors community, I’ve decided to host a Multi Animator Project for beginners. This project is specifically for people just starting out in the world of YouTube animation, looking for a way to share their work with others. Beginners and young people are highly encouraged to sign up; as long as you have one example of a recently completed animation on your channel, you’re eligible to enter this MAP, regardless of experience level.

The theme of this MAP is forbidden and doomed romance. Pick your favourite doomed pairing and portray their feelings. Unrequited love? Inter-clan romance? One’s alive and one’s in Starclan? It’s all fair game. I will be accepting both canon and non-canon shipping. (queer ships included) If you don’t want to go with a pairing, you don’t have to; it’s just a suggested theme!

Please ask for a part in the comments section, and include the pairing and/or scene you will be doing. I’ll allow repeat pairings but not repeat scenes (For example I’d allow multiple parts with Graystripe and Silverstream, but not multiple parts with Silverstream’s death)

Please try and avoid blood / gore, and overt portrayals of death. Characters can die, but please try to make it subtle and tasteful! The song is melancholy but upbeat, so I’d love if you’d use soft, pastel colours for the project, but I won’t be enforcing a strict colour palette or set designs. If you’re struggling with a character’s design, try referencing the Warriors Wiki!

Additionally, feel free to make your part very stylized and experimental. I’d love to see a variety of imagery, not just literal portrayals of scenes from the book. (Although those are fine too!)

This MAP is much looser and freeform than my other projects, but here’s the list of rules:

-You may only ask for a part if you have UNDER 1000 SUBSCRIBERS. The point of the project is to showcase new and underrated artists, and give some new people a chance to shine! You won’t be picked if you have over 1000. (Please don’t audition using side accounts)

-Animators of all skill levels and experience will be accepted. There will be a mix of experienced and inexperienced animators in the project, but I will not favour experienced users over inexperienced ones.

-The project is not first-come-first serve, but you are pretty likely to be picked if you have an example of complete animation on your channel and you ask for a part first! I’ll reply to your comment if you get the part.

-Please try to make your parts have a canvas size of 1920 x 1080

-Please upload your finished part to YouTube; I can download it with a YouTube downloader. Reply to your audition comment on this video with the link to your part when you’re done!

-The final deadline for parts to be handed in will be April 1st. No extensions will be given.

-If you want to apply for a backup, just leave a comment!

Good luck and have fun!! I hope that this project will give a lot of young people and new animators a chance to show off their work. ?


1 Steamy Cafe (Crowfeather/Feathertail)
2 ThatLittleKitten (Yellowfang/Raggedstar)
3 MeeziexX (Leafpool/Mothwing)
4 Foudre D’argent (Firestar/Sandstorm)
5 T0XICMOON (Bluestar/Oakheart)
6 Diamonddragon88 (Crowfeather/Leafpool)
7 Crazy Muffin Animations (Graystripe/Silverstream)
8 Lost Song (Mothwing/Leafpool)
9 Draxomori (Bramblestar/Jessy)
10 Red (Cinderheart/Lionblaze)
11 naynpet (Dovewing/Tigerheart)
12 Lynx Ear (Graystripe/Silverstream)
13 Lorin ZeWolf (Bluefur/Oakheart)
14 TheFlightlessLark (Crowfeather/Leafpool)
15 KinzelRox (Bluestar/Thrushpelt)
16 Nakachu (Ferncloud/Dustpelt)
17 Midnight-spyro (Mapleshade/Appledusk)
18 Kasaineko (Hollyleaf/Ivypool)
19 Lithra (Brambleclaw/Squirrelflight)
20 Scarlet Remix (Firestar/Sandstorm)
21 Midnight’s Echo (Crowfeather/Nightcloud)
23 AlicornAJ (Tigerstar/Sasha)
24 Mother Bird (Gray Wing / Storm)
26 Flight of the Bumblestripes (Ashfur/Squirrelflight)
27 musicpaw22121 (Bluefur/Oakheart)
28 CatsCantBlush (Jayfeather/Half Moon)
29 RafikiThePacmanFrog (Ivypool/Hawkfrost)
30 AprilWolfie (Stormfur/Brook)
31 watersee kitty (Jayfeahter/Half Moon)
32 Charminq (Leafpool/Crowfeather)
33 Taiga (Hollyleaf/Ivypool)
34 Jaspering (Ivypool/Blossomfall)
35 DarkLordIvy (Firestar/Graystripe)
36 bluemorningtracker (Tallstar/Jake)
37 Wyveram (Leafpool/Mothwing)
38 RushlightTrekkie
39 Booth Biscuit (Clear Sky / Bright Stream)
40 Seagle (Darkstripe/Tigerstar)
43 Imako (Jayfeather/Half Moon)


Alli Kat says:

holy comments
I gotta go get food but I’ll keep handing out parts when I get back!!?

WolfAndTheMinecraftAJ says:

Okay I know i dont really animate but on my DeviantArt i have some art for
warriors and just cats and I just started animating but i will try rlly
hard if i get the part. If there is any part that is open that i can take I
will get. Also i most likely will use Leafpool & Crowfeather or Dustpelt
and Sandstorm?

Cupkaka KAT says:

Hi could I have part 45 please?

I would do graystripe And silverstream ?

RushlightTrekkie says:

I’m looking for only one part but I’m willing to take anything between or
including 10- 44. I would choose which characters depending on the part I
got. (Preferably something with lyrics and my top choice would be 38, then
15, then 10, then 33))?

seagle says:

Could I please have part 40? If you’ve given it away to someone else any
other part would be amazing too! I would be doing Darkstripe and Tigerstar,
probably when they first meet in the dark forest : ) it would be such an
honour to take part in one of your maps :’)?

watersee kitty says:

ooh man, part 31 really apealed to me, i might probabley, mabeeeyy mention
halfmoon and jay, idk, i just, they’re my otp <3
soo part 31??

KinzelRox says:

Part 15 please? Thrushpelt and Bluestar ;w; I’ve always wanted to be in one
of your maps?

TheFlightlessLark says:

Could I please get part 14 with LeafpoolXCrowfeather, with Leaf and Crow
locking eyes at a gathering and feeling the feels? Or part 33 with
FeatherxCrow and Crow looking down at Feather on the cave floor after
killing Sharpclaw? If that’s okay 😀 If those are taken, maybe backup,

Midnight's Echo says:

Hmm, I’m not exactly new to animating, but I’m not a prodigy either. But I
couldn’t possibly pass up another chance to join an allikat map, especially
considering this may be the last one. Could I possibly get either 9 or 21,
I’d be using Crowfeather and nightcloud?

Foudre D'argent says:

Hi. The song is very cool :3
Can I have the part 4 please
I’m going to do Firestar and Sandstorm because their are my favorite couple
in the saga
Thanks :3


Midnight-spyro says:

Part 17? I’d like to do Mapleshade and Appledusk, it would be set sometime
after Maple’s death and how very deep down, she still cares for her once
mate :)?

charminq says:

could i get part 32? ill use leafpool telling crowfeather she has to go
back to thunderclan [or something similar to that]?

nanafunnny says:

Hi ! 😀
Can I have part 34 ?
On my channel … there are main “cute style” but, I work on more
sophisticated drawings …
And … I think use an apprentice Like fireheart and cinderpaw ! 🙂 ?

LuckyGoRabbitFoot yay says:

Part 4 please? I have examples on my channel and on scratch (linked on my
channel).. I’ll be doing Half Moon and Jayfeather.?

bluemorningtracker says:

Could I have part 36? I was thinking of tallstar and jake?

YellowFangMeow says:

Could I have part 25?
And could I just make an animation with Jayfeather in it??

Silvaan says:

Part 30?? I would probably use Feather/Crow or maybe Halfmoon and
Jayfeather. Either way one of the dead cats would be frustrated that they
can’t be physically with the other. ?

Tay ThatFireGirl says:

Can I do part 10? ouo I want to do Half Moon and Jayfeather, after
Jayfeather has left.?

DarkLordIvy says:

Could I possibly take 34 or 35? For 34 I would use Hollyleaf/Fallen Leaves.
For 35 I would use Firestar/Graystripe. ?

Foxtail says:

Can I gat part 31? will use Firestar and Spottedleaf, were Firestar say the
line to her, and she go away,?

Horrorific says:

Part 4? I Will get a animation in my channel err…ASAP perhaps just a 6
framed test? Sorry (At the time I’m writing this) I don’t have any.. Even
close to animations on my channel.
My most veiwed items (AKA Videos) Are my open MAPs
Thank you for understanding
Examples of Art can be found well…In my Profile picture, and I can cut
Cya around!?

musicpaw22121 says:

part 26 and 27? i use bluefur and oakheart?

MeeziexX says:

aH wait – forget that, could I have part 3, maybe? If nott anything else, I
really don’t mind ^^ I’d do Leafpool and Mothwing – ?

aphhelion says:

Can I have part 10 with Hollyleaf and Ivypool? I’m really excited to be a
part of this. ;u;?

AprilWolfie says:

Could I possibly gets part 30? Im going to do it traditionnal.?

Hearty says:

25? if not, any open spot please! Mm. Firepaw and Spottedleaf? :o?

Crazy Muffin Animations says:

Part 6. If I was chosen I’d use cinderpaw/pelt when cloudkit is made an
apprentice. She feels replaced. ?

Krazikitteh says:

Can I take Little 25? And I was thinking of doing Crookedstar and

I know there is like Nothing on my Channel, but I am trying my best to
understand how to animate and Map. Any Help is Appreciated and I don’t have
any money so I can’t afford good stuff but I can still animate things!
(Plus 25 is like 3s)?

Misty The Kitty says:

Part 22 if that’s okay? I was thinking of a threo… brambleclaw and ashfur
fighting over squirrelflight?

KatieR66 says:

Ooo! Part 10? I want to use Thunder and Star Flower from the Dawn of The
Clans series.?

kasaineko says:

part 18? i’d do hollyleaf/ivypool uvu?

RafikiThePacmanFrog says:

This is an amazing thing you’re doing. Part 1, please? Or parts 29, or 2.
I’d be happy with any of them. I’m thinking I’d like to do
HawkfrostxIvypool :)?

Kiroma The Dog says:

My animations are on my old channel, SandFury9000. Would that count? (Also,
Instead of animating on my DSi, I will animate on the computer.)
If I CAN join with those examples on the old channel, part 34? It will be
about Leafpool (whom is pregnant) crying in her medicine cat den with a
certain herb under her paw, images of kits and crowfeather going through
her head, something similar to that?
And if not part 34, Part 5? Jake x Tallstar (Which is probably actually
canon, from a video I saw of Erin Hunter commenting a response about
Tallstar not having kits.) Talltail would be trapped in a twoleg den,
looking around aggressively, fur spiked, but he calms down as he looks at
Jake, which the scene will switch to Jake holding out his paw in a “glowy”
background, cheesy smile on his face.
(Edit: Uploaded computer animation test!)?

BoothBiscuit says:

may i have part 39? i’ll be using clear sky/bright stream!
btw, i really love how you are doing this. :))?

JrTara123 says:

could i have part 22?
im not entirely sure which paring i’ll do ^^?

splashamantha says:

Could I have part 22 or 25? I want to use my ol’ favorite Firestorm and

DraxoMori says:

Could I get part 9 please? I want to animate JessyXBrablestar. I want to
aniamte the moment when Jessy decides not to join Thunderclan because she
knew she would get in the way between Brablestar and Squirrelflight. (i
like the pairing even though i love BrambleXSquirrel to bits XP)?

AlicornAJ says:

part 23?? Tigerstar and Sasha probably :T?

Scarlet Remix says:

Part 20?? <3 My Last animation on youtube is crap ;n; but i
have gotten better! But i can never find a good MAP to join.
This song is amazing ^-^
Id like to do Firestar and sandstorm now that firestar is dead ;n;

hopefuly you will let me join in! <3?

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