[update] kitten crying for mom|abandoned kitten rescue | rescued by animal's cottage rescue center

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We received a call from a lady.
who told us about a kitten was meowing loudly on her street.
It was heart breaking scene for us when we saw a baby kitten that was continuously calling her mother. Everybody was enjoying to listen her heart breaking feelings. No one was ready to help her.?there was so many houses But i think they have not space in their homes for this little soul..?.She is so tiny. She cant walk properly because she have no idea how to walk………………………
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Rescue kitten from landfill |why would anyone throw a kitten outside?

abandoned kitten crying | Rescued By Animal’s Cottage – Rescue Center

kitten was waiting for help but people ignore her

poor kitten rescue| kitten was waiting for help in a factory
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[UPDATE] kitten crying for mom|abandoned kitten rescue | Rescued By Animal’s Cottage – Rescue Center


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