Warrior cats OC speedpaint .:HollyFrostXSandPool:.

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I must give credit to the person with the OC SandPool. He is not my character he is actually a gal named AwesomeCheezGirl on roblox I’m not sure if she has a YT but i must give credit to her char.

HollyFrost and SandPool are both medicine cats that where trained at the same time. they eventually fell in love with each other but that love was shot lasted. i leave you with a cliff hanger DUN DUN DUUN! don’t worry the truth will be reviled in due time because i am planing on doing a PMV on this story so…… TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!! 😀

other credits:
art program: SketchBook.
recording program: Bandicam (as you can see by the water mark at the top of the screen)
Music: I wouldn’t mind-He is we
Time it took: 2 hrs and 10 mins
Warriors: Erin Hunter



Tyler McComber says:

Time to go back?

Tyler McComber says:

No school is on monday this sucks are you reddy dragonrider?

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