Werewolf Cat – Is It Wrong To Breed Pets Like This?

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There “werewolf cat” or Lokoi is a new breed of cat with patchy fur, lending to a scrappy, werewolf-like appearance. What about pure-bred, show-winning dogs and cats? These animals were selectively bred by people for genes favoring certain looks- and they do typically accomplish the mission of looking astounding- but is this right for people to do? What if the target genetics actually cause the animals discomfort or health problems? Does there need to be an ethical line drawn for pet breeding? Kim Horcher, Andrew Fogel (Nerd Alert Producer), and special guest Rana McAnear (Actress, Model- Mass Effect 2) discuss!

Read more: http://animals.io9.com/the-new-werewolf-cat-highlights-the-complicated-ethic-1635039011

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