What is kitten season? One shelter’s story…..

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Maybe you’ve heard of “kitten season” – but exactly what is it and how do local shelters and rescues deal with this enormous influx of newborns? There are simple and easy ways you can help: donate kitten supplies to a local rescue or shelter, adopt don’t shop, volunteer to foster a liter with a local rescue or shelter, spay/neuter your pet, make a cash donation to a local rescue (even just $10 will help), or – the easiest thing you can do – please share shelter and rescue photos. One click absolutely can save a life. During kitten season, the shelters and rescues will need more liter and kitten food – please consider buying a few supplies to drop off at your local shelter or rescue. To find one in your area – you can do a simple search on social media. Please like us at facebook.com/FriendsofEastValley….to support LA County’s East Valley Animal Services.


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