What It's Really Like Running a Cat Rescue – Kitten Lady & Friends

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Welcome to episode one of Catology: Kitten Lady & Friends, a brand new interview series all about staying curious about cats! I’m teaming up with Royal Canin to bring you conversations with some of the most fascinating people in feline welfare about everything from cat behavior to veterinary care to nutrition to rescue. This week my guests are Chris Gutierrez and Shelly Casey from The Catcade, and we’re talking all about what it’s really like to run a cat rescue. We cover topics like the unexpected paperwork, the messy parts you don’t usually see in photos, and the heartwarming transformations that make it all 100% worth it.

Learn more at: http://www.royalcanin.com/cathealth
Support the Catcade at: http://www.thecatcade.org


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