What this trapped feral cat does at 8:05 in the video is amazing. Now my new friend needs a home.

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UPDATE 10/04/14: I found a way to keep him where I live. I had originally smuggled him into my apartment and had kept him as a secret while I tried to find him a home. I subsequently gained permission to keep him…as an “exception” to the rules.

His official name is Pasha…not Shithead or Tom as I had originally dubbed him. I gave him this noble name as he requires that I worship him for at least 1 hour every evening when I come home before he will allow me to go to sleep. LOL

His days are now filled with love, leisure, play, food abundance, air conditioning/heat, and….snorting high grade and concentrated cat nip. 🙂 He is also developing a bit of a belly so I might need to get him a personal trainer. 🙂


I have seen this feral cat for a little over a year. He was a small kitten last Winter (2012) and would run out into the road late at night in front of my van. His big head bobbing on his little body as he ran. I would often throw scraps of food out of the window of my van in the general area where he seemed to always jump out on the road.

He began to show up around our building last Summer (2013) and I began to leave food for him around our dumpster. He has come closer to me over time and I have always spoken sweetly to him from afar as I placed his food for him. Always trying not to move too fast or directly toward him so as not to frighten him. It has taken a long time to get him to trust me at shorter and shorter distances.

He is really beat up and is quite thin so I decided to try and trap him so that I can get him to the vet. I signed out a trap from the Hot Springs (Arkansas) Guardian Angels Cat Rescue on Saturday, 11/8/13, and have been trying to trap him since Monday (11/11/13).

I finally got him yesterday evening (11/12/13) and it was a good thing because last night was below freezing. He also has a skin condition all over which has thinned his hair giving him minimal insulation against the cold.

But I didn’t exactly trap him. I think he might have actually trapped me (see the event @ 8:05 minutes in the video. 🙂 Anyway, we went to the vet today 11/13/13 and got him fixed up (neutered, wormed, vaccinated and treatment for the skin condition).

Pets are not allowed where I live and our company is a food manufacturing plant so we cannot have animals inside (I made an exception last night)..Guardian Angels Cat Rescue is at capacity and the Hot Springs Animal “Shelter” is a KILL “shelter” so they are absolutely not an option.

I have paid the vet bill and will give this young cat to a loving and healthy home without charge in the Hot Springs, Arkansas, area if I can find someone who wants a wonderful cat. He is absolutely NOT aggressive and has not bitten or intentionally scratched me. This little guy has experienced a hard first year of life and deserves a better shot.

11/17/15 I am very sure that feral cats process and interpret our vocal tones, moods, movements (slow vs sudden) and actions with particular emphasis on softness and consistency in their acclimation process to us.

There is no doubt in my mind that they can read us early on. The question as to how fast they acclimate to us lies entirely in our own behavior with them over time and the degree of patience we are willing to dedicate to them.?


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