Whiskey's Toy Tour & D.I.Y Cat Toys!

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Hi Whiskers!

After a short survey, you guys told us by 63%, that you wanted a Toy Tour! So here it is! All of Whiskey’s toys shown in this video we’re purchased at @MondouPourLesAnimaux ! Links to all the toys are down below!

Our Socials:

Whiskey’s Instagram : https://instagram.com/i_am_whiskey_thecat?r=nametag

Sophie’s Instagram : https://instagram.com/sophie_doucet19?r=nametag

Our TikTok : www.tiktok.com/@i_am_whiskey

Mr. Turtle : https://www.mondou.com/en-CA/p-pajama-buddy-turtle-stuffed-with-catnip/1015206
Bouncing Tubes : https://www.mondou.com/en-CA/p-bouncing-tubes-with-catnip/1019943
Electronic Blue Mouse : https://www.mondou.com/en-CA/p-blue-electronic-mouse/1020048
Cat nip filled mice : https://www.mondou.com/en-CA/p-mice-trio-stuffed-with-catnip/1018985
Carrot : https://www.mondou.com/en-CA/p-carrot-shaped-toy-stuffed-with-catnip/1026276
Whiskey’s favorite toy : https://www.mondou.com/en-CA/p-cat-teaser-with-spirals/1027014-MASTER/1027014
Not seen in this video : https://www.mondou.com/en-CA/p-cat-window-teaser-toy/1020591
Mini Tennis Ball Trio : https://www.mondou.com/en-CA/p-tennis-balls-with-bells-in-pack-of-3/1021200
Soft Foam Rubber Balls : https://www.mondou.com/en-CA/p-soft-foam-rubber-ball/1022739
Other products : https://www.mondou.com/en-CA/cat


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