#ZooEnrichment Fishing Cat Kitten Learns to Fish

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To some animals, #ZooEnrichment means testing one’s survival skills. For the fishing cat kitten born April 15, it means learning how to fish! A patient mother, Electra watches her kitten as it wades and pounces on some unsuspecting goldfish. This six-week-old kitten just began its lessons. By the time it turns 11-12 weeks, it will be able to fish as well as mom!

Learn More: http://nationalzoo.si.edu/Support/MakeDonation/GivingTree.cfm


pickledfetus says:

I’m squealing this is so cute?

InuitInua says:

I wish the video was longer! So very cute and interesting. ?

K Hershel says:

Fishing Cat Kitten learns to Fish?

Paul Alcantara says:

Global warming?

waddlesarmy says:

What type of cat is it???

kittkattpattywackk says:

I love that mama cat is watching! ?

NeverIntimidated says:

I hate this, stupid video is TOO SHORT!?

Zoe McDermott-Adler says:

Cutie! Will the kitten be on exhibit soon??

Lynn Conner says:

Oh my god, these cats are so cute!!!?


25 seconds… IS NOT LONG ENOUGH!.. you cant just tease us all with this
much cute!?

Jill Stevenson says:

Aww it’s so fluffy?

Kellie Fay says:

More please! That’s cute!

???? ???? says:

?????? ???????? ????.?

Nellene Ulmer says:

Cutie pie will soon be a mighty fisherman or should I say fishercat??????

Kathy doubleu says:

#ZooEnrichment Fishing Cat Kitten Learns to Fish?

puidwen says:

I like how thorough out the video the mother keeps a close eye on the cub?

chickenslice86 says:

Dont worry little buddy you’ll get it?

Rui Ferreira says:

Are these cats??

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